It was expected. It was inevitable. Dream Advertising LTD ,a Digital Marketing Agency & Mega Affiliate Network entered & accepted payments with #ADA #CardanoADA #CardanoCommunity and will use #Dapp with over 500+ partners.

Dream Advertising LTD from UK, London invested on Cardano last week with his Greek Manager Spyros.
The network of partners around the world together with the developers of the company will start processes of application development and smart contracts in its ecosystem of Cardano.

The company in the context of its development from Europe, starts collaborations with Latin America and Africa.The manager of the company considers the decisive contribution of Ecosystem of Cardano about Dapps and Fast & Low Transactions for Micro Payments to new partners of Latin America & Africa.
The Dream Advertising LTD in the next plans considers that with its development plans on Affiliate & Digital Marketing will attract over 25000 Affiliate Partners & Influencers in Latin America & Africa for advertise affiliate products and services to over 1 billion unique customers on grow up Affiliate Marketing.
The company will suggest and use as a basic payment method the Cardano.

For partnerships and more information send email via